TRIO Talent Search is federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education


Talent Search (TS) at Graceland University is a free, educational program for students 11-27 years old who have completed the fifth grade. 

TS is designed to assist participants in their preparation for enrollment into ANY college of their choice. 

All information on this application is confidential.


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Your signature below will certify as to the truth of the statements made on this form and will also serve as an authorization for the Talent Search program to request and receive information from your school, including, but not limited to: report cards, free and reduced lunch status, social security number, standardized test results, use of photographs (including, but not limited to, the TS webpage and TS Facebook page, unless marked 'no' above) and any information or transcript from your school or future college that might be pertinent to the program.  It will also imply your permission for your student to take part in activities related to Talent Search.
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